Our Products

We manufacture and distribute a large variety of surgical covers and draping products, with numerous variations delivered in accordance with customer needs. Pharma Sept products include Microscope Covers, C-arm Covers, Ultrasound Probe Covers, Banded Bags, Patient Drapes, Diathermy Pouches, and Video Camera Covers.
Since we tailor our surgical covers and drapes to the exact dimensions of specific surgical equipment, they fit precisely without excess plastic that could otherwise hinder use. In addition, we understand the cost of an idle operating room.
That is why we design our drapes and covers ergonomically, for easy application and removal. With our products, operating rooms can be cleaned and ready for the next patient, fast.
Microscope covers

Microscope Covers

Microscope Covers – Prevent contamination of OR environments Designed specifically for common applications in a variety of specialties, our microscope covers provide accessibility: application of

Video Camera Covers

Video Camera Covers – Tailored to fit all brands Our video camera drapes are tailored to fit all models of commercially available video cameras employed

Ultrasound Probe Covers

Ultrasound Probe Covers Our ultrasound probe covers are manufactured and sold in several sizes, with or without gel. As with all Pharma Sept products, our

C-arm Covers

Our C-arm covers – Help streamline operation Our C-arm and mini C-arm covers are tear resistant, durable, and offer quick and easy application. We design

Image / Protective Covers

Image / Protective Covers   Easy to apply and latex-free, our disposable banded bags and protective bonnets have strong double-stitched elastic bands so they remain

OEM Services

OEM Services – Designed to your specifications Our high-quality disposable drapes are manufactured with non-woven materials to prevent contamination. Tailor-made to customer specifications for use